Getting a private villa rental in Sosua provides a higher level of comforts, privacy and overall convenience. The big question is: who will do the cooking when staying away from all-inclusive resorts? that`s when the private chef enters the stage and shows us how pampering it can be when breakfast is ready early morning, lunch always on time according to our vacation schedule, and dinners so delicious and entertaining; without ever setting foot in the kitchen. Selecting a good chef is a top priority, and the advantages are many:

  • On time lunches, breakfast and dinners
  • Anytime in-between snacks
  • Personalized menu for all guests preferences
  • Truly fresh island foods and fruits
  • Your own limit on consumption
  • No waiting in line for tables
  • A more varied menu than most restaurants
sosua chef lobster thermidor
Surf and Turf on a higher new level

The best part of the list is being able to set the timing with precision, exactly when that exciting tour to the 27 falls ends, you call the spa crew for a group massage, then take a warm shower and head to the dining table. Alfredo, your executive chef, knows when you`ll be ready and will deliver a hot meal according to your schedule.

Another advantage of having a personal chef is when you crave for a specific dessert, snack or native dish you just heard about but have never tried; just ask the chef and see it happen. A personalized menu is an occurrence when there`s people with specific tastes ( e.g. vegetarian, no-pork preference, or low sodium diets ). Your Sosua Villa Chef will make the list and cook according to each person`s preferences.

ON VIDEO: A Dominican dish by Aunt Clara

Having fresh food purchased at the local markets is another advantage of a private chef vs. a restaurant; Sosua private villas buy food when clients arrive, so it is always truly fresh. There is no limit on ordering more of that tasty lobster, so as long as you order, chef will serve.

Needless to say, there`s no waiting in line for a table in your own private villa. Sosua Villas by Golden Treasures has a complete menu that includes local and international dishes that leave our clients always asking for more. Some of the Dominican food we recommend in the menu can be referenced at Aunt Clara`s  Dominican cooking recipes page: