Sosua ATV quads rental

Sosua ATV quads (all-terrain vehicles) rental is a recreative Eco-tour that takes the visitor through the pristine countryside side of this town, getting wet on river crossings, mud and dust along the way in a very fun, adrenaline fueling experience for family and friends who enjoy the scenic outdoors.

Be Ready to Get Mudding

The tour usually begins near the riverbank of Bella Vista, a local village with a flowing river that bears the same name, and flows through various areas of Sosua, to finally end at the fishermen beach in town, namely as the Sosua River. From the home base the crew organizes the quads, instructs on gearing up, and leads the way towards the roads and trails along the way. Clothing is important and to check what`s needed is a must before departing.

Quads Stop at Sosua Rivers

The group stops at various landmarks where we learned about the local country life among the beautiful scenery. The second river stop is Martinico, where we were able to swim in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy snacks and drinks. The final leg of the road is clearly ATV-terrain, and not a challenge to us if you keep it slower down the slope.

The third stop is the Yasica river, right at the dam and on the way to El Saltadero, a hidden waterfall deep down inside a canyon reachable by going down many stairs after crossing a few rivers. Top Advice: ATVs look easy to ride but they can be dangerous if you make sharp turns, steer from the path and use it improperly (donuts, drag racing) if you`re not a highly skilled, experienced rider. Staying with the group and following the lead quad ensures the safety of all the riders.

How To Safely Ride All Terrain Vehicles

Quads (short for quadruple), despite riding on four wheels, have a high gravity angle, so at an undue speed, they tend to overturn if the driver lacks the expertise to annul the centrifugal force. And it is precisely the lateral and front to lateral falls in the action of turning – when the rear wheel tends to raise – the most common causes of the injuries resulting from a quad accident. To avoid this, experts know that you have to mark the turn with the handlebar and tilt the body to the same side. A full guide to ATV safety by West Shore can come in handy.

Driving Quads with Passengers

Unless your Quad is specially designed for two riders, always avoid having a passenger with you while riding: it dangers their safety and yours. Having a passenger on a vehicle that is not designed for more than one person could throw off the center of gravity and cause you to tip over, especially if you’re driving at higher speeds. Models for 2 passengers are clearly identifiable by their two-seat configuration.

Gearing Up for the Tour

Safety is top priority, so it is required that all participants wear a helmet and goggles, which is provided by the crew, and follow the group dynamics, to stay the course to make the most out of the experience. Having a bandanna helps too, to cover your mouth/nose area; women will find specially useful to cover their hair from the dust with it.

Any clothing can do, though long sleeves are preferred to avoid debris and excessive dust over your skin. For shoes? breathable, and if possible rubber ones will do much better. Make sure to check the weather, if it is sunny get sunblock cream and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated between refreshments. Sosua Quad tours rentals are available for 3 hours from 9am-6pm, last shift starts at 3pm. Questions? you can also be in touch via Whatsapp at 1-829-477-2038.


US$65.00/unit, 3 hrs tour

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