Fishing Mahi Mahi (Dorado, Dolphin) when traveling the Caribbean is a must do, for every fishing enthusiast, specially when visiting Sosua. It is relatively easy to catch from early on  as trolling starts in the charter tour that departs from Sosua Bay. Most Mahis are considered a by-catch, as the rigs are mostly baited for Marlin and Tuna ( Ballyhoo ) and seem irresistible to them. Using this big bait filters out smaller fish, a good convenience when trolling for big game off the coast.

Mahi fighting the line off the coast of Sosua, Puerto Plata
Mahi fighting the line

About the Species: Mahi Mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) is abundant and commonly found in most tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. This surface dwelling fish searches attacks its prey, usually smaller fish, around floating seaweed. Their bodies are compressed, with a long dorsal fin that extends from head to tail. Grown males have a bigger, protruding head, larger than females which have round heads.

This fish skin produces a rainbow of colors that range from blue to green and yellow; their lower bodies are white. Mahis can live up to five years and weight to up 85lbs ( world record ) but fishing and predators rarely allow them to reach that weight in most cases. There are several rigs that can be used for successfully trolling for Mahi:

  • Large Ballyhoo
  • Bait Chunks
  • Dredges
  • Flutter Rigs
  • Weedless Ballyhoo
  • Trolling Lures

The list is endless, and each angler will modify it to match his/her own preferences.

dredges and large ballyhoo are the top choice when fishing mahi in the Atlantic
Large Ballyhoo and Dredges are top choice for catching Mahi Mahi

Most fishing tours in Sosua will use a combination of Dredge, teaser and Ballyhoo, and the results are quick with just minutes into the trolling off the coast. The Mahi points in the map are numerous, as these fish attack the bait in many locations throughout the journey.


It is common to see videos like the one above trolling for Marlin, and catching a few dorados before or after. The abundance of this fish makes it an easier catch than prized Marlin and Tuna, harder to find and fight. Once on the deck, Mahi can flop so anglers have to be careful, and quickly place it on the fish well of the boat. Fishing tours in Sosua can be arranged via the villa concierge, and it is a great experience to new and seasoned fishing enthusiasts.