2018 Puerto Plata Carnival

2018 will be remembered as one of the best years for the Puerto Plata Carnival, an event that was very entertaining for locals and tourists, celebrated as we write this article, every Sunday in the Malecon ( ocean drive ) of Long Beach, Puerto Plata. 5-6 months are spent in preparations for this event, which is a very enriching experience for those who enjoy watching a colorful display of Dominican Republic culture.

The carnival celebration was introduced by Europeans on the 16th century, years after Christopher Columbus first set foot in Hispaniola island ( La Isabela, Puerto Plata, 1492 ). Many characters of the Carnival were added throughout the years, stemming from social, political, and historical backgrounds of Dominican life. Read the full article with pictures at https://www.dominicantopten.com/entertainment/puerto-plata-carnival/