Visiting Sosua on vacation or business requires daily transportation, specially when staying in private villas within certain gated communities that are 3-5 minutes driving time from the center of town, El Batey. Hiring a private driver, as opposed to renting a car, is a much better idea because of the obvious advantages of not having to drive in a foreign country and deal with the driving culture, paperwork and the constant focus on what`s ahead on the road.

Private driver in Sosua with mini van
Our drivers feature mini vans or SUV

The Dominican Republic is known to be a pristine, gorgeous country with lots of entertainment, but also the second worst when it comes to driving. Motorcycles everywhere, coming in and out with little warning, and specially on tourist areas, people from many different countries with their own views on proper driving; it does take patience and a fondness to Caribbean driving.

Why get rid of the steering wheel and hire a private driver?

  • Avoid paperwork: dealing with car rentals mean you have to sign a contract, deal with insurance, buy gas, pay attention to car maintenance and license requirements.
  • Super affordable: a local driver in a minivan for 7 people only costs $100-120/day, gas included. As early as 8am to as late as 2pm the driver will stay glued to you even when you`re disco dancing.
  • The Driver knows the area: A local driver will take the shorter road to save gas, because he knows the town, saving you time, stress and energy needed to enjoy your vacation.
  • Late partying and alcohol: When you hire a driver, you can drink as much as desired, and party as late as the party`s going: someone else has the wheel. This is highly recommended for non business travelers that are undoubtedly visiting for parties.
  • Free up time to focus on what matters: spending mental energy to read maps, asking for directions, make sure you read the proper signs in another language and avoid the police can take from your main goal: to relax and enjoy the island.
  • Avoid the frustration of finding parking: let`s be real, the best places in most islands don`t necessarily have enough parking, and someone has to spend time finding a spot after the guest exit the van. Should it be you?
A top selection of luxury villa rentals in Sosua
Some ultra luxury villa rentals include drivers as part of the package.

Some villas like the ultra luxury ones include two drivers with luxury SUV, which works fantastically for guests. In many cases, the driver doubles as the bodyguard, and some carrying concealed truly deliver the services, at no extra costs if buying the package. Sosua rental clients do have an advantage when using a private driver, and most are from the local taxi association, meaning they are accredited.