ADSS Cleans Up Beaches in Sosua

On Saturday July 19th, to mark the International Day of Cleaning Beaches, The Association for Sustainable Development of Sosúa (ADSS) and the Rotary Club of Sosúa, with the collaboration of Casa Marina Reef Hotel and the Waterfront Restaurant, carried a cleaning out operation of Playa Alicia, Sosua. Also participating was the Canadian diver Bill Passmore accompanied by other divers cleaning the seabed in the area of ​​Playa Alicia.

sosua beach clean up by ADSS

The Association for Sustainable Development of Sosúa (ADSS), committed to the development of this tourist destination and its aim to preserve and encourage the care of our beaches, continue to participate in activities of this nature, to promote education to care for the environment . ADSS thanks the institutions that joined and supported his initiative and the company Agua Sasino who provided water for participants.

Participants and volunteers collected debris on the beach, and extracted from the sea, a number of objects, such as glass bottles, plastic containers, and many other items that disrupt the beauty of this beach. The operation was carried out from 8:00 to 11:00 am, and it involved more than 50 employees, including managers and employees of companies and hotels mentioned here. In this cleaning operation, also they joined children and residents as volunteers, contributing to education and awareness of the population about the importance of protecting the environment and marine resources. The Sosua Villas Forum will open a discussion on the subject this week.




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